Portrait Paintings

The antique Portrait Paintings, which you can find in Bisgart Portrait Painting Gallery, were realised in different periods. Every oil portrait we offers shown tries to offer you a work where the painter expresses the emotions of the person that you can see in the art works: oil paintings on canvas or on board realised by painters of the '900, '800 '700 and '600.

Bisgart is an Italian Antique Store, which search for the Beauty and the Quality in the Antique World. We offer antique Paintings, antique Mirrors, antique Sculptures and antique Furniture, Art Decò and Art works of the twentieth century. You can find us on our website and on the best web area of the sector. Moreover, we take part in the most important fairs in Italy, such as Mercante in Fiera (Parma).

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Vestal Virgin, portrait painting, oil painting, mythology painting, 19th Century. (QR-MIT 142)
Portrait painting, Vestal Virgin, french oil painting, oil painting on canvas. Antique painting 19th Century, with its ...
Woman Portrait Painting, Woman In Profile, Oil Painting On Canvas, Signed Gray. (QR 179)
Woman portrait painting, Woman In Profile, French Oil Painting On Canvas, Signed Gray. Antique painting 19th Century, ...